Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kosovo : Day 1 & 2

Hello there my dear readers! Hope you had a great weekend! Actually I was just going to say hope you had great days off, but If you are Albanians is still on! Just so you now we(all Albanians) had Monday and Tuesday off because on November 28th we had the independence day of our country. We are one independent country since 1912. Happy the Independence Day all Albanians where ever you are!...I had a great trip to Kosovo. It was my first time there and I saw really interesting places and since I always travel with Planning Urban, Architecture and Art Design teachers/students I learn and see other things that probably a person wouldn't notice and learn those things to a trip! We had tons of pics and it was really hard for me to choose some, but since my time is limited because I have to do my home-work 2, I just choose some of them! Hope you enjoy and like the pics! (The first picture is from the city of Peja)
 Welcome to Kosovo
 Me and my aunt
 Me and 2 of Julia's friends (cool people) Eranda sleeping
 Me and Eranda super tired from the trip
 At Dupled Club, Julia's friends, great people I had great time with them!
Day 2; isn't Drini adorable?!
 Julia with Hekuran and Arti (great guys)
 Welcome to city of Peja
 Fabjola is Eranda's friend, a great girl! They all say we look so much like each-other! They call us "sisters"! She has my sunglasses here at this picture and when mum was seeing the pics she said cute Kiki and we all laughed! 
 Malvina, Eranda's girlfriend. Great girl and she looks a lot like Julia and we call them 2 "sisters"
 Me me me
 My Panacotta and Eranda's chocolate and strawberry pie
 Some traditional Albanian wearing clothes shop
 Frizer in Kosovo means hairdressing for men, it was a new word which I had never heard before in that meaning, because it's like the frizer we use in English!
Photographers - Eranda, Julia, Hekuran
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. I love your blog, dear! These are amazing photos!!


  2. it really seems to be a great trip and I'm glad you enjoyed it :) travelling indeed is so cool! and great photos as well!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Amazing photos...we enjoy to much that trip!!!(K)

  4. PS. i want to play again SOS game ....hahahha i'm good player

  5. hey thanks for the comment on my blog - I definately followed you..hope you follow back!
    & I really love these photos. Kosovo seems like such an interesting place to visit!

  6. OMG! This city looks so much like my home town {Cluj Napoca Romania}, incredible.

    Can you follow me on please. If they want to get ride of GFC, I don't want to loose you as a reader. Thank you so much.

  7. lovely photos! love your blog as well, following u now :))
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