Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pizza (tomato sauce, ham, pizza cheese, grated cheese, peppers, tuna fish)

Is one of the most famous food and old I would say! The perfect choice for a family dinner and girls sleep over! But instead of ordering one, why not cook it?!

Eshte nje nga ushqimet me te famshme dhe me te vjetra do te thoja! Zgjedhja e duhur per nje darke familjare dhe nje nate mes shoqesh! Por ne vend te porositjes, pse te mos e gatuajme vete?!

Ingredients for the pizza:

  • 4 tea cups of flour(770 gramme)

  • 2 tea cups of warm water(410 mililiter)

  • 1 normal spoon barm

  •  half of normal spoon salt

  • Perberesit:

  • 4 filxhane caji miell (770 gramme)

  • 2 filxhane caji uji i ngrohte (410 mililiter)

  • 1 luge normale maje birre 

  •  gjysem luge normale kripe 

  • Put all the ingredients in a big bowl and work them with one hand 
    Vendosi te gjithe perberesit ne nje tas dhe punoje me nje dore 

    Take a clean bag and wrap the bowl just like in the picture
    Merr nje qese te paster dhe mbeshtille tasin si ne foto

    Also take a cover and wrap the bowl. This will help the dough to get horn
    Merr nje mbulese dhe mbeshtille tasin. Kjo do te ndihmoje masen te hipi(te fryhet)

    After 35 minutes take off the cover with the bag from the bowl
    Mbas 35 minutash hiqe mbulesen dhe qesen nga tasi

    Work the dough with wet hand
    Punoje brumin me dore te lagur

    Dye with corn oil a baking-pan(big one so the dough of the pizza can be thin)
    Lyeje tepsine me vaj misri(ne nje tepsi te madhe ne menyre qe brumi te jete i holle)

    Put the dough in the baking-pan and open it with your hands
    Vendose brumin ne tepsi dhe hape me duar

    Bake the dough with 150 grade C for about 20 minutes until the dough become wheat color  
    Piqe brumin me 150 grade C per afersisht 25 minuta deri sa brumi te marre ngjyre gruri

    For the fill in of the pizza you can use whatever you like! 
    I'm using: tomato sauce, peppers, tuna fish, ham, grated cheese and pizza cheese
    Per mbushjen e pices ju mund te perdorni cfare do perberesi qe deshironi! 
    Une per perdor : salse domateje, speca, ton, proshute, djath i grire dhe djath picash

    Fill in the pizza dough with the wanted ingredients
    Mbushe grumin e pices me perberesit e deshiruar

    Baking Temperature : 200 grade C,  Timing : until full baking
    Temperatura pjekjes : 200 grade C,  Kohe-zgjatja : deri ne pjekje te plote

     Bon Appetit    

    ♥ Kiki ♥

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