Friday, April 15, 2011

Me Growing

Hey lovers, sorry for not writing to you but I have been extremely busy with school and projects and finally it's Friday. Tomorrow one of my dearest friend has her birthday so I will be out all day I guess, so don't wait for me(:P) but I promisse I will be here for you all night, as my mom and sister will be in Tirana and I will have nothing else to do. I will post the day and now I will be showing some of my favourite pics in years, hope you like them and tell me who's your fave! 

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                              Love, Kiki


  1. 5=>The little model in her first steps :DDD
    10=>Wow...Love everything in that picture ..
    14=>Ehhhh you kinda look gangstra...upssss i forgot :YOUR ARE GANGSTRA in a good way... :P
    those are my 3 fav pics :DDDD

  2. now I wish I can pull off a gold bikini.

  3. That gold bikini is awesome and the pictures from your banner are killer! Have a nice weekend ;)


  4. Cute outfits
    xx Sophie


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