Monday, April 4, 2011

From ME to ME

                                         I have never thought 
                                        To met someone like you
                                        To hate her, but love her
                                        To blame her, but forgive her
                                        To need her 
                                        But want to not exist
                                        Adore her laughing
                                        But want to make her cry
                                        Wish her the best
                                        And to think she doesn't deserve it
                                        So many feelings at a time
                                        And exhausted to ask: "Why?"
                                        And for an answer to get:
                                        "Better me, than the others"
                                        To laugh, but knowing
                                        That you do it just for that
                                        Scared?From who? Why?
                                        Questions you know
                                        But wishing not to
                                        Feel tired, but keep walking
                                        Walking without knowing where
                                        You know you're scared and secure
                                        From who?
                                        And you finally answer:
                                        "FROM ME"

As a home-work in Leterature I had to make a poem about my self, and it is really weird that I get inspired mostly when I'm sad and down.... I was like that today so let me know what you think

                              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
                            Love, Kiki


  1. did you write that¿??? WOWW!! i have talent!!
    great, keep on writing !

  2. I agree with Alegra, keep on writing, you got talent!

  3. LOVE IT!!

    Kisses from

  4. Hi Kiki! Such a beautiful poem! You're so creative! Hope you feels better soon! xoxoxoo

  5. Well i have told to you that u are my flame of inspiration and i wanna dedicate this....
    Dream,when the life illusions creates
    And giving u the opportunity to be somebody else
    Dream, when the world is loosing the way out
    And u lonely live
    Dream, when the your hurt keeps beating
    For u to found your luck
    And with sweet word is asking u
    In an another world to found that u need
    Dream ,when the time will take that way down
    And forgets what u have been before
    Dream, when your happiness is crying
    And in a small space of time a solution is created
    Dream, what you are and want to be
    Then you will be a grownup
    And when flame off insecurity will be dead
    you my little princess
    you’ll be a women
    With love love love love love .... ME :DDDD

  6. Amazing post!!!Thanks, thanks for sharing!

  7. great post sugar

  8. Thank you Anxhela my dear! I really love it! A big kiss for all the readers and Thank you all for the comments! It means a lot to me

  9. these are real touching words and GREAT PICS !

    glisters and blisters

  10. such a nice poem! keep on writing! :-)


  11. Love it!!

    great blog girl :)
    I'm a new follower!

    Follow me? I'm a pleasure!

    Ivânia Diamond*

    Portuguese fashion blogger

  12. From me to you: I love you ! Keep being brave and strong !


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