Monday, February 21, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 Sunday was a "Girls Day Out". We all ( me and my best friends) have been really busy with school and exams and didn't have time for ourselves! Well...the best way to have fun a girl is shopping but this time we tried something different.We went to a great park which is opened here in my city just for a month and trust me we laugh a lot and had fun too!After that we went to Bershka's shop, I tried a few T-Shirts and I bought one, which I really like! Even I was really on mood for pizzas we couldn't found a place which was near at our location, so we went to the nearest fast food because hunger was killing us and you could even hear my stomach in that moment. After our stomach was in peace we started talking and gossiping :P. That sunday was full of adventures and I really enjoy it!
Well to give you a clue about the day here are some pcs!

Such a cute and sweet smile(Laura)

(Laura and Angela)

(Laura and Jora)

I look awful in this pic but i like the skirt!

Laura was so sad and she almost cried cuz the skirt she wanted to buy was sold!

Girls trying to catch me while I was wearing T-Shirts!

No. 1

No. 2

OMG I look totally like a nerd here, but I love what I'm wearing, even though Laura was planing to buy! Hope she did...

And finally my new T-Shirt!

Hope you enjoy your evening

                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                        Love, Kiki


  1. Hhihihihih that was a great day...Even i was upset because u let me alone at the first ride and i kid was such a monster and he was crushing me over and over again ...I had fun especially when i was trying to catch u wile u were trying th tshirt(mission failed).. WEll all the t-shirt look just great on u :D especially the one u bought! :DDD love u :***

  2. cute photos! TRUE: we really had a lot of fun, hope we can do that again sometimes! For the record, I bought the t-shirts :)) Im still angry with the one who bought my skirt, but whatever! love ya girls! ♥

  3. Nice photos ! We had a lot of fun, we should do it again ! Thnx x the wonderful day we passed together, u made it special! <3


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