Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Sunday is gone...

I hate the "Sunday" feeling...That's how I like to call it. It is that feeling you have, when you are not in the mood for school home-work and hate the fact that tomorrow you have to get up early and go to school. But beside that, Sunday is also my "Inspiration" day. I have made  a new ring and a headband with an old piece which I have never used...I never say no to sweets, even if  I am fed up. Love sweet things and Thank God I never get fat, have a great chemistry. Before 20 minutes or so I made Munche Chocolate, it is really easy to make it and very delicious too, so I thought to share that with you...It's been a while since I have talked and showed you my nails art.Well, to be honest I haven't done much new nails art lately cuz my nails have been in bad shape so i had to keep them short, till they get better and stronger. But still, this week I made a really cute nails art: "The HeartBeat". Hope you enjoy your time with me!

This belt was part of a shirt I have but I never liked that floral thing there.So I made a ring a headband for me!

"The HeartBeat"

For Munche Chocolate you need: 3 eggs and 100 gramme dark chocolate. U can use Liquer like I have done but this something extra, just if you want.

Separate the white from the yellow of egg

Beat the white of eggs till it becomes one and spongy

On the other hand melt the black chocolate

Put the yellow of eggs in the melt chocolate and mix them together

If you want, you can add Liquer, I have used Banana Liquer, but just a lil' bit cuz you don't want to be fluid(the desert) 

Mix the chocolate with white eggs. Beat them together fast

Put them in bowls or in cups and leave them in fridge for 4 hours

Like I told you I made Munche Chocolate now so it is not ready to be served. I am going to show you some pictures of it that I have done time ago.

Hope you liked my new post. Till the next one....

                                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                                         Love, Kiki


  1. Delicious ! and I don`t mean only the desert !
    your Julia

  2. Hi kiki! Wow, it's such a cute bow ring! And such a yummy dessert! I need to make the same thing for myself. Have a wonderful Monday! xoxoxo

  3. Well like always everything is really cute.. :PPPP i love everything done and even dhe next part off nails art... :DDDD love U>::***

  4. thanks for your visit!

    I'll follow you ...are you going to follow me back?

    .....the chocolate ...yummmyyyy!!!

    ciao av

  5. Thnak you for your comment:) kiss


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