Friday, October 8, 2010

Craziest Shoes EVER

I’ve been thinking about a topic for this blog and when I was browsing several sites about fashion trends, I bumped into a picture of really crazy shoes from Japan. I thought: “How can women wear something like this, for heaven’s sake?”.....
Well it seems like Lady Gaga can,i will let you try to guess which one of these she has really worn ...


These are made from metal, paper, food, microchips, etc. And often they are of weird shape and can’t be ever worn.


Beyonce in Balanciaga heels
                            Victoria Beckham in Antonio Berardi shoes
                                    Salma Hayek in Christie's shoes
In a scene that looks like it was taken straight from her hit movie Labyrinth, Jennifer Connelly strikes a stonking pose for British fashion magazine "InStyle". You wouldn't want to run for the bus in those babies?!
It's Sarah Brightman.Not such a bright idea though...
Mischa Barton.With spikes to kill and beaded faces on the front, they look more like totum poles than actual shoes.These heels are pure creative genius - or crazy, depending on your view...

                               ...AND FINALY LADY GAGA...
Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen:

 Lady Gaga in Antonio Berardi
 Lady Gaga grammy shoes
 Lady Gaga at MTV-AWARDS
 These are the latest japan fashion shoes and I think Lady Gaga will be happy to wear these babies even though I don't have a clue how a human can walk in these CRAZY shoes....


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