Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being your sister's model!

Having a sister who designs clothes and accessories I get to do the model very often.
It was her who firstly injected Fashion in my blood. Ever since I have been labelled "the model".
Here I am going to show you some of her desings in me....

-I am wearing a belt-dress which can be dressed also as a skirt and a pink hair bow with a hot-pink paste that matches with the paste on the belt.

-I am wearing a blue&white dress which is a more formal one and is puffed up with blue tulle and decorated with coloured pastes and a headband which is made of blue ribbon with a big blue button on it.

    Photography and clothing by Eranda Janku


  1. nice KIKI nice :)'re the best model ever <3

  2. Great model that u are!!ur 1st look is so adorable,i like the pink flats.and with the 2nd look u are like a rockstar!!


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